Behind every innovation, there’s a visionary.

Having focussed on software development as a priority over the years, rather than brand and marketing – i2c were relatively unknown in their industry, despite their size and success.

How could we create a digital brand campaign for i2c that would introduce a reinvigorated brand positioning statement and generate awareness – celebrating the place and purpose of i2c in the world?

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The i2c marketing team had already been hard at work developing the foundation of a brand positioning and awareness campaign that would tackle this exact problem – using their innate knowledge of the target audience to set the proposition; ‘The choice of product for visionaries’. 

This sentiment leans into i2c’s unique ability to create products with very few barriers or compromises, enabling payment innovators that have a vision to work with an expert partner capable of transforming that vision into reality.

We were brought on board to work alongside the i2c team, taking the overarching sentiment of ‘The choice of product for visionaries’, and transforming it into a campaignable message.

‘Behind every innovation, there’s a visionary’ is a campaign message that puts the spotlight on the people and minds that make innovation possible – the visionaries behind every great invention.  

From a brand positioning perspective, the message gives us the opportunity to talk directly to our target audience – while equally including them in the essence of i2c’s success, hinting at the idea they are the drivers and inspiration behind the brand’s growth. By putting the audience at the center of the i2c brand, we’re able to start the journey towards human-centric communications, shifting away from a focus on product and capability to leverage success based on emotion and partnership. 

Our creative application puts people and visionaries front and center, using illustrations to bring these amazing minds into the i2c brand world, ensuring that they feel part of the story and process. 

The illustrations themselves focus on key moments of ideation and creation, hinting at the thought that a great idea can come from anywhere and anyone.

While we were looking to create a fresh look and feel for the campaign, we also wanted it to be deeply rooted in the brand, and to provoke the right response from the audience. For this reason the campaign creatively utilised the graphic shapes from the i2c website – giving them prominence, new context and purpose within the campaign, as they incorporate organically with our illustration style. 

The illustration style itself offers the brand and campaign great agility and flexibility – as we can create any niche scenario and communicate any benefit or message the brand wishes to pivot to. The human-characters also give the brand universality, allowing it to communicate at a global level with ease.

The campaign was distributed via digital channels, including the i2c website itself – working in conjunction with a series of ‘product visionary’ case study videos featuring real clients and real stories – allowing i2c to form a more organic, authentic standing as a true partner that cares.