One platform. Many banks.

Monneo spotted a gap in the market wherein the reliability and reputation of traditional banks could merge and grow in line with the ambition and innovation of a new generation of eCommerce Merchants – driven by the introduction of PSD2 in 2018.

How could we build a unique, disruptive brand capable of engaging these two distinctive, polar opposite audiences – inspiring them to come together through the united platform of Monneo?

Project Brief
Brand Strategy
Design, Verbal Identity
Project Deliverables
Brand Refresh

When the Second European Union Payment Services Directive (PSD2) was introduced in 2018, it opened the door to a new world of opportunity and diversity for eCommerce Merchants – which due to the nature of their business operations were deemed ‘high-risk’ by many financial institutions.

Due to this, an awkward relationship had been forged between these new eCommerce Merchants and the banks – wherein both parties entered into an endless cycle of account suspensions and closures.

Knowing this, Monneo’s founders spotted the opportunity for a new technology platform.

One with the ability to provide banks with the flexibility needed to enable this new wave of eCommerce Merchants – giving them access to the banking services they need, from the leading banks they trust.

However, both eCommerce Merchants and banks were used to operating within their strained relationship – struggling to understand the value Monneo would bring to their current ways of working.

For this reason Monneo were looking to reinvigorate their brand with the core goal of celebrating this narrative, making it as easy as possible for each and every partner to understand the value of the platform: 

  • For eCommerce Merchants Monneo offers the power of choice and access 
  • For Banking Institutions Monneo delivers compliance and trust

Every element of the brand refresh needed to loop back to the idea of simplicity, explaining how Monneo works in a way that could transcend both language and industry – underpinning the sentiment that Monneo is ultimately here to streamline and protect both sides of the relationship.  

To achieve this the very core of our identity was based in an abstract venn diagram design – which mimics the streamlined relationship Monneo aims to build between themselves, traditional banks and eCommerce merchants, in that the two parties are empowered to work together without needing to directly interact.