Established as many. United as one.

OPEN Health is focused on driving positive change in healthcare communications, maximising market access, while also improving health outcomes and patient well-being. 

How could we celebrate this message, while allowing the innate complexity of the organisation to be understood across the world with simplicity? 

Open Health
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Brand Positioning Campaign

OPEN Health is a global health communications group, built from the merger of three independent companies – connecting thousands of experts from all over the world, enabling them to work together to achieve better patient outcomes.

In the wake of the merger, and with the prospect of new mergers on the horizon, OPEN Health needed to realign their business practices and streamline their communications to exist and thrive under one united, global front. 

Given the diversity, and sheer breadth of the OPEN Health group – we were asked to support the team in developing this solid brand communication foundation. Our main objective throughout this was to celebrate the value and importance of the OPEN Health difference, while embedding clarity and simplicity into the communication itself.

At the core of this campaign, we needed to succinctly explain that OPEN Health is built from many organisations, as well as many experts with unique skill sets, all of which contribute towards the development of leading solutions. 

With this in mind, the global campaign and position for 2021 was born – Established as many. United as one. 

The ethos of many experts coming together in order to create solutions with impact is what makes OPEN Health different from the rest – and so is an element that sits at the epicentre of the campaign creative. 

To bring this to life, we reimagined the OPEN Health logo – shining a light on the diversity of experts that make up the organisation.

Using 3D animation, we developed a series of OPEN Health brand ‘Os’ in a variety of different textures, demonstrating the advantages of being a diverse, yet united organisation.

Our approach focused on the four key areas that make OPEN Health different, demonstrating what the organisation is made of through the metaphor of textures:
  • High science – OPEN Health have the expertise needed to be a true, scientific partner.
  • Connection – OPEN Health global teams work collaboratively to develop solutions that exceed expectations.
  • Breadth – OPEN Health consists of experts from across a broad range of disciplines, therapy areas and geographies.
  • Flourishing – OPEN Health actively works towards creating an environment where ideas and people can thrive.

The campaign was rolled out across OPEN Healths global platform, with the support of a campaign playbook and static renderings of our overarching 3D animation creative – allowing the sentiment to be adopted and translated across all markets. 

Our creative campaign quickly outgrew its initial objective of a brand positioning piece, evolving into a fundamental part of the OPEN Health brand look, feel and communication suite.