Connect .Grow. Succeed.

Following its international demerger, Prudential shifted their attention to focus solely on the AP and African markets. This organisational shift was the catalyst behind broad sweeping digital transformations across the company, equally sparking the need for a renewed sense of purpose and value. 

How could we use design thinking to strategically unite the goals and aspirations of the internal culture framework, supporting internal growth, increasing retention and encouraging recruitment?

Project Brief
Cultural Strategy
Design, Motion
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EVP Toolkit

As part of their evolution, Prudential had started the process of looking inwards, identifying areas wherein they – as an organisation – could be doing more. This led to the creation of an incredibly robust internal culture framework that would not only support their growth as a company, but ensure the personal growth of every employee. 

This framework culminated in a new, bespoke purpose statement, one which demonstrates Prudential’s commitment to helping people by having a positive impact on their lives – as well as the relentless dedication to helping individuals and families in every step of their health, wealth, and wellness journey:

“We help people get the most out of life.”

With the foundations set, we were brought on board to develop visual strategies through which to bring these cultural tools and platforms to life, allowing them to be tangible and ‘ownable’ by Prudential employees. 

Our first task was to shine a light on the new overarching business communications strategy, working with the client to ensure the hierarchy of internal communications was correctly positioned to support the external expression of Prudential, i.e. principles, values and purpose. 

From this we were then able to focus on developing a creative treatment to bring the platform and tools into the real world – an approach that was inspired by the new Prudential EVP statement ‘Connect. Grow. Succeed’. 

This allowed us to use the EVP statement as the ‘umbrella’ creative and messaging sentiment that housed every internal communication and strategy. 

“Prudential’s purpose is to help people get the most out of life. We do that for customers and employees alike. We know that career decisions are significant – and that you entrust us with your time, talent, and passion. This powers our ambitions in Asia and Africa. In exchange, to honour the trust you place in us, we pledge to make Prudential a place where you can Connect, Grow, and Succeed.”

The creative treatment itself adopted a geometric design, to form an interlocking hero symbol – demonstrating how the values of ‘connect’, ‘grow’ and ‘succeed’ are intertwined, working together to create a better organisation for all. 

With our goal of allowing this messaging sentiment to live in employees’ lives, bespoke iconography was also developed to represent each of the three EVP values, allowing us to develop background patterns and framing devices that offered even more flexibility and potential for application.