Whatever else our business might be, it’s nothing without the extraordinary people that call fst home. Super Mark only recruits those who share the fst attitude, so we make sure we keep hold of the unique atmosphere and that we never let standards slip.


Integrated thinking is key to the way we view every project as a challenge to overcome. We never start a process by thinking, “we need to build a website” or “we’re going to design a poster”. We work to solve business challenges and an integrated mind-set helps us to stay focused on the job in hand.


The story of fst tells you a lot about who and what we are. Super Mark (our founder and Ethos Director) returned from Australia back in 1991 and he was contacted by a client he’d been working with in Oz. With a need to create a business to process the work, Mark reinstated a dormant company called “Fulwood Scientific Text”. And so fst was born – purely out of entrepreneurial spirit. All these years on, we treasure our heritage more than ever.


Maintaining our high standards and our distinct “fst-ness” is a top priority we take very seriously. We work with clients all over the world in all kinds of different ways and it’s our mission to ensure we deliver the same fst service levels, every single time.