Challenge, Change, Make Better

This simple statement tells you an awful lot of what you need to know about fst. We live our lives by “Challenge, change, make better”; it kind of sums up everything about our attitude and approach. Whether that’s challenging the kind of business we want to be, challenging our clients’ expectations or even just challenging our own work internally, this belief pervades every aspect of our working lives.


We want to know everything, so we’re constantly asking questions. We want to know if we’re the right agency for a client, we want to know everything about their business challenges and we want to know whether we can have the desired impact.


Only by questioning everything can we improve anything. We don’t believe change is something to be scared of. It’s the way to keep moving forward, both for our clients and ourselves.

Make Better

We’re not into changing things for the sake of it. What we do, we do for a reason. We exist to solve challenges and achieve our clients’ goals. It’s at the very heart of who we are.