BPR are a 30-year-old architectural practice who work in higher education and regeneration markets, with vast knowledge, experience and expertise in the rail sector.
Their most recent look and feel was created in 2005, however, natural evolution of the business, primarily becoming employee-owned – meant that the brand was no longer reflective of the company’s growth, development and direction. So, it was time to revisit the brand position, vision, mission and values in order to create an identity that encompassed the new BPR.



Wanting to understand more about the people behind the name, we undertook a deep dive workshop, inviting the entire BPR team to talk us through every aspect of the company.
Through doing this we were able to cultivate a strong, collaborative relationship with the client – something which, gave us a unique insight into their personalities and allowed us to define an approach that would visually represent who they are as a collective.


The new brand identity was derived from the workshop findings. As all the data had come straight from the team themselves it allowed us to define a new value proposition more aligned to their structure:
“Through our dedication to craft and unwavering commitment, we will create solutions that can positively impact communities for generations to come.”
BPR’s new identity is inspired by German industrial design – embodying the idea of movement and progression through a ‘ticking’ word mark treatment – giving the design fluidity making it instantly recognisable.