Empowering the next generation of vloggers


The new Powershot G7X Mark III has been created by Canon with a focus on travel vloggers – helping them to document their experiences and connect with their audiences. So how could we launch this brilliant product to the maximum possible effect?



With this niche audience in mind, it was imperative to consider how best to directly reach as many of them as possible. To achieve this, we engaged with Mike Visuals, a UK-based travel blogger that actively encourages his audience to live life to the fullest. We wanted to leverage his existing social following, whilst also ensuring the launch remained as authentic as possible. In order to stay true to that strategy, we empowered Mike to choose the destination and to make a stunning vlog in his own style with the G7X Mark III. Mike chose the Isle of Skye and despite inclement weather and thousands of midges, the natural beauty of the island helped to showcase the camera and its features to the best possible effect.


Whilst we knew we needed to create a Canon branded product video for the camera as well, the strategy of working with an influencer like Mike and allowing them to use it naturally has shown the confidence Canon has in its product and has worked to demonstrate its features with authenticity and relevance. Within two weeks of upload, Mike’s vlog was viewed more than 14,000 times – enabling us to reach precisely the right audience using a medium and an influencer they already know and trust. Mike also created a dedicated story highlight reel on his Instagram account to ensure that all the tips and tricks he shared during the shoot were collated in one place and easy to view.