The problem with being a world leader in your field and regularly introducing new technology to market is that your brand has to maintain the same pace. With new competitors entering the market, Rentokil Initial needed to restate their corporate heritage, leadership and strength within the pest control and hygiene industries.


While advances in IoT had clearly been a factor in the speed at which they could bring new solutions to market, Rentokil Initial have always been innovators – well before ‘innovation’; became the buzzword of the hour. We developed a new proposition that perfectly captures the spirit, mind-set and distinctiveness of a company that continues to be a world leader in their field: ‘See Beyond’.


‘See Beyond’ captures how Rentokil Initial looks past the norm to create products and services that continually push the boundaries of innovation. It’s an approach that has always been in the blood of the company – but needed putting into words. In creating this powerful proposition, we were able to help Rentokil Initial to tell the world why they have been industry leaders for so long.