Wherever network operators are on the journey to 5G, Ciena is the partner to help them get there.


Major network operators are in various stages of the journey from 4G to 5G. It is a monumental infrastructure transformation that is different for each company, taking place over many years and requiring significant investment. Through its open and differentiated approach, Ciena is in a favorable position to partner with and help guide network operators through their journey, helping them break free from historic vendor lock-in along the way. Our latest global campaign works to boldly communicate this message. But how do we get the message across whilst every journey is unique?



Our key message of “Only one path matters. Yours” immediately works to convey to the industry that Ciena genuinely understands the landscape and the nature of the transition to 5G providing network operators a trusted, credible partner that can support them and reduce risk throughout the journey. To this end, we created a series of visual executions that show different landscapes, connected by one continuous road to demonstrate that whilst every journey to 5G is unique, Ciena can support you to ensure that every step is as efficient and seamless as possible.


This campaign creative links to the preceding “Adaptive IP” campaign, helping to bring consistency and coherence to Ciena’s communications. The campaign has now been rolled out globally through a comprehensive effort to drive awareness and engagement with decision-makers around the globe.