Working Together, Working For You 


Connect Systems have been in the IT solutions and services industry for over 25 years, during which they have curated a reputation of being reliable, expert partners for SMBs, independent schools and financial managers. It became clear to us that they are working in a saturated market and needed to reevaluate their brand positioning to help them stand apart.


To gain a better understanding of what was needed, we held a brand workshop. This was essential for us to find and understand the brand and the people who make up Connect Systems. During the workshop, we asked a series of questions to deepen our understanding of where Connect Systems currently see themselves within the market and where they aim to be in the future. Using the workshop data we were able to establish clear unique brand attributes and start populating Connect Systems Brand DNA. These insights allow us to construct a brand vision and mission which informs a truly bespoke brand value proposition. With the key Brand Foundations identified we were able to build upon this to develop the new Connect Systems brand.


Connect systems wanted to be perceived as human, trustworthy and expert. As these aligned with the new brand value proposition, they inspired the creation of the new Connect Systems visual identity. The use of hand-drawn illustrations, humanised and helped demonstrate the differentiation of Connect Systems, whilst a fresh and warm colour palette enabled them to stand above the competitions, whilst still ensuring that they are seen as experts within their field.