Charlie Butterfield, May 30, 2019

In an age where apps are omnipresent, which ones are we really attached to? That’s the question we posed, the answers are in equal part predictable and intriguing. Across the agency there are some apps that appear again and again:

Spotify – At home, at work, in the car, everywhere. That’s the consensus.

Whatsapp – Consistently clocked as our most used app.

YouTube – Perfect for tutorials, podcasts, technical/software questions.

High street banking apps – Banking apps have become a daily interaction.

Uber – Our most mentioned travel app by a distance.

In addition to the usual suspects, our survey has revealed some diamonds in the rough. Here is a selection of the more surprising responses, maybe you’ll find the next thing to revolutionise your every day.

Vinnie – “City Mapper. Amazing to get around different cities.”

City Mapper helps to navigate the user through whatever city they happen to be in. Whether you’re walking, driving or using public transport, City Mapper is your comprehensive guide.

Dan – “Wunderlist. Gamechanger of an app.”

Wunderlist is your means of planning for absolutely everything. From to-do lists, to reminders and errands, create shared lists for everything in your life and never forget anything again.

Marie – “My camera. I photograph EVERYTHING.”

This might seem a strange choice, but your camera can be utilised for more than snapping pics for social media. Capture work in progress, excerpts from books, artwork, recipes, screenshots, anything.

Annalize – “Depop. I use it to sell all of my stuff.”

Depop is a global marketplace for buying, selling and being inspired by the world of fashion. Beyond simply transactional, Depop works to connect you to the “most inspiring and unique things in the world.”

Becky – “Monzo. I use it every day to track my spending.”

The self-styled “bank of the future”, Monzo has a focus on simple and straightforward travel spending, alongside detailed budgeting and tracking functionalities. The app and the brand have perfectly captured the money-savvy generation z.