Inspiring the next generation 


In 2015, we worked with ECB to develop ‘Cricket Unleashed’ – a visual identity for their 5 year strategy with an objective to increase engagement across all aspects of society. A strategy for the future of cricket doesn’t stop. As we approached 2020, ‘Cricket Unleashed’ needed to evolve in order to better reflect a shift in approach and renewed objectives. We were asked to help the ECB continue their journey and create a refreshed identity for their key objective – to inspire a new generation.


Building on the foundations of ‘Cricket Unleashed’, we created a fresh identity that helped the ECB continue their journey and evolve their strategy. ‘Inspiring Generations’ is made up of 6 strategic pillars that work to transform the game, drive engagement, and create a generation that can say “cricket is a game for me”. We created a bold, graphic-led identity providing visual differentiators for each strategic pillar. These graphic overlays were paired with an energetic palette to spark excitement around the brand, while ensuring that every visual detail has a deep-rooted meaning and was part of a wider purpose.


To enhance the Inspiring Generation launch, we created a series of large graphical panels that focused on the new strategic pillars. The printed panels showcased a new generation of cricket allowing us to translate the spirit of the strategy right into the room.

Following the launch, we worked with the ECB, Leyton Council and a team of architects to bring the first ever Urban Cricket Centre to life. Our involvement ensured the Inspiring Generation branding was considered from the start.

As the Urban Cricket Centre was to be an inspiring destination for a new generation, we needed to ensure the right graphical applications were used. The bold colours added vitality, large typography amplified printed motivational quotes and rebound barrier graphics allowed for brand consistency where bold application was not possible.

As the strategy is only just starting to gain momentum we will continue to work with the ECB, ensuring the vision and mission of the Inspiring Generation strategy is met by 2024.