International Women's Day 2019: #BalanceforBetter

by Marie Leonard at March 7, 2019

We’re in the business of having great ideas and turning them into something tangible. Something people can believe in. We rely on the fact that once an idea becomes a belief it’s very hard to change, it’s the way loyalty is built and shapes consumer behaviours. It’s Marketing 101: once someone believes something to be true, it’s hard to change their mind. It’s the bread, butter and Marmite of our industry. And like Marmite, you don’t have to like it for it to be a winning formula.

But when we create campaigns they come from a good and ethical place. They do not mislead. They are based in facts and truths. And they do not seek to create success by undermining others.

International Women’s Day has a tough brief. It is a campaign to fundamentally change beliefs that have been formed over thousands of years. And these beliefs stem from inaccuracies – not just one or two, but many, many falsehoods about women. The belief that women are not every bit as capable as men is possibly the most successful ad catastrophic viral campaign of all time. There isn’t a single part of our world that it hasn’t touched, and it is perpetuated through words, actions and inaction.

This is why International Women’s Day is important. It’s about breaking a belief that has shaped our whole world and made it a poorer place for everyone. It’s created pervasive and dangerous stereotypes for men and women, girls and boys… people. It’s the ultimate campaign and the biggest challenge of all.

Words, images, design, film, music – we know and have used all of these to make change. By using our creative gifts today in support of International Women’s Day we are doing what we do best to help amplify the idea that must become a belief: that balance is better.