How to get noticed at your next exhibition

by Charlotte Hazelwood at November 6, 2016

Traditional event marketing is a popular choice for businesses in multiple sectors. From speaking at conferences to exhibiting at the biggest expo of the year, this powerful technique continues to win budgets time and time again.

However, standing out from the crowd can be difficult and re-using last year’s stand and collateral simply won’t do.

Learn how to give it your A game and get noticed at your next exhibition or conference with our top tips…


Keep printed collateral to a minimum

Do away with the reams of old-fashioned printed brochures and leaflets. Event goers don’t like carrying heavy printed materials around all day. It’s 2016, not 1996.

Dane Cobain, fst’s Social Media Specialist, recommends “going digital with your data capture (set-up a tablet solely for this purpose), and allowing individuals to choose the content that they want to receive. This will avoid bombardment and dissatisfaction further down the line.”

Innovative technology such as Poken Devices also invite you to go paperless, allowing exhibitors and attendees to “digitally exchange [their] content details with a touch, or collect digital content that’s stored in specialist stickers called ‘tags’, just by touching them.”

Perfect for boosting your green credentials!


Visual standout

Look the part and you’ll pique interest from afar. Incorporating non-traditional elements to your stand can generate a buzz, especially if it’s relevant to your brand.

A perfect example would be Lego using their bricks to construct an eye-catching stand, or perhaps a make-up brand that creates a pop-up salon to draw in the crowds.

Whatever the event, avoid the clutter but dare to be different. Just keep an eye on the stand guidelines and if in doubt, ask the organisers.


Avoid timewasters

This point is especially pertinent if you’re offering a host of freebies or running a competition on your stand. Promotional merchandise is nice to have, but be wary of attracting timewasters who are just in it for the freebies!

If someone seems interested in a free gift, strike up conversation and take down their details. You’ll soon find out if they’re well meaning or not.


Say something worthy of attention

If you’re billed as an event speaker, there’ll be a degree of added pressure, especially if you’re scheduled to make your debut during the dreaded post-lunch lull.

The best thing to do is to take control and command their attention. Do away with long rambles and stick to short statements that pack a punch.

Keep your slide deck to a minimum and remember that it’s all about delivery, so get practicing.

For inspiration, check out TED Talks.


Join the online conversation

Social networking is a great addition to your presence at an exhibition or conference. It can be perfect for networking before, during and after an event.

Often, multiple Twitter hashtags will be in use for an event, so capitalise on this and get chatting. It’s also worth joining relevant groups on LinkedIn and keeping an eye on the discussion,


Check out the after party & network

It’s worth remembering that just as much value can come from after hours networking, so get yourself down to the after party.

Avoid spending the whole evening discussing the USP of your wares though, as constantly talking shop can be off-putting. Instead, enjoy meeting like-minded people and focus on building a personal and genuine rapport. You never know who you’ll meet!