One Team One Dream

by Otto Marples at November 2, 2017

In April we completed the successful acquisition of Tobasgo, a sports specialist creative agency. And so, we thought it was about time to talk about why we did this and give an insight into what we’ve been up to since.

Challenge – How it happened

Our relationship with Tobasgo began two years ago when we collaborated on an England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) project.
To create a truly amazing experience for the ECB, we both needed to bring our unique offerings to the table and deliver a complete project unlike anything either had seen before. Tobasgo have extensive knowledge of the cricketing world and we complemented it with our strategic design-led attitude.
The launch of the ECB Cricket Unleashed campaign brought to light just how successful we could be in collaboration, so the decision was made that fst and Tobasgo would officially join forces.

Change – Why we did it

Now, as one team, we’ve been able to expand our end-to-end offering (strategy and ideation through to implementation and delivery) and provide all our clients with an even better service.
We’ve also created an exciting growth plan for our team, as it opens the door to many new opportunities to engage with clients in the fast-paced sport and entertainment sector. Tobasgo enjoy a deep understanding of and relationship with the national and international sports industry, gained over 30 years of experience with sports right holders such as the ECB, ICC, English Football League (EFL), America’s Cup and England Hockey.
The success of the acquisition is born out of a shared belief that change and growth are absolutely necessary to keep us, and our clients, relevant. It also ensures that knowledge and expertise is never lost.

Make better – What we’ve been up to since

Since becoming one team we’ve continued to build on our strong relationship with the cricketing world. We now have two global events under our belt – ICC Champions Trophy and ICC Women’s World Cup as well as a solid body of strategic work that includes, ICC Annual Report, development of the Cricket Unleashed brand, ECB South Asian consultation document, as well as a number of other projects for ICC and ECB.
We’ve also created the 2017/18 Handbook for the EFL, and there are a number of other projects in the pipeline. Exciting times ahead!

We love having the Tobasgo team as part of our family and we look forward to demonstrating the value of our new team for many years to come.