Onions are not the only veg

by Otto Marples at December 7, 2017


Being a marketer at fst

Whatever you do, don’t Google “what is a marketer?” – it’s depressing beyond belief.
“A person or company that advertises or promotes something.”
It conjures up images of, well… nothing at all. Which is ironic, as the hugest part of what we do as an agency full of marketers is visualisation. In fact, a better definition would be:
“Generating creative ideas and turning them into reality to advertise or promote something”
It’s still a bit lacking, but bear with us…
When you join an agency as a ‘suit’ you’re expected, above everything, to know your onions – that is, be a skilled and industry-savvy marketer with a track record. But there are tonnes of really educated marketers in the world and we’re also in the business of looking after our clients’ best interests, so we also have to be able to:
Think: Conceive original, thoughtful strategies that solve problems
Do: Deliver creative realities that succeed
It sounds obvious, but our experience teaches us that marketers usually fall into one of these two distinct areas. We – very professionally, we think – refer to our Thinkers as ‘Relationship Managers’ and our Doers as ‘Project Managers’. You won’t find any ‘Time Ninjas’ or ‘Social Media Rockstars’ here. We’re not one of ‘those’ agencies.
Either way, they need to be hawk-eyed, results monsters who fill our clients with confidence. They must know what we can do, what the industry is doing, what is exciting and what, frankly, is a bit crap. The titles, although traditional, speak for themselves and our marketers who become Relationship Managers naturally work with our clients and creatives on the ‘conception’ of great strategy and creative, while those who are born Project Managers are fearless deadline warriors, capable of wrangling even the most unruly timelines into reality.
We can’t have one without the other. They sit together like bread and jam. Or Johnny and June, (showing our age a bit, here). Or even Kimye. Anyway…
When they partner, everyone wins. We deliver on our promises, the client is happy and we make work we’re really proud of.
Is that enough, though? In a word: no.

Being a specialist at fst

Our founder, Super Mark, is a keen talent spotter and has a cracking track record of seeing potential and growing careers. As we said earlier, there are a lot of smart people about, but we look for more than just experience and good qualifications. We like a bit of fire in people, a desire to learn and be better every day. No one here has ‘just a job’ – when you set foot through the door as a part of Team fst, we know that developing your career is good for everyone.
It may sound neither professional nor structured, but we ask our people to “know what you don’t know”. That is, identify the things they want to learn, or discover a specialism to make their career go ‘pop!’ Then we provide the tools, training and opportunities to learn and master these new skills.
Even in the last few weeks, our marketers have transformed into Event Managers, Video Producers and Digital Marketing Professionals. We’re not suggesting for a moment that they’ve emerged fully formed and butterfly-like (mainly because our Content Team wouldn’t stand for such a naff analogy), but they’re taking the steps to look to the future and define their careers.
Some refer to this approach as being ‘integrated’, but that doesn’t adequately describe a common-sense way of operating that’s not ground-breaking, but is really bloody effective. The way we recruit and nurture means that our people love to learn and share their knowledge. Our clients benefit from a team of skilled marketers, who are also a secondary talent pool of other skills. And we all enjoy happy working relationships that last.
Sounds all kinds of utopian, right?
Well, strap on your space boots, here comes the best bit:


Because we know that everyone wants to be better at something. And we all have skills we can teach someone else; we’re sharing the love (by which we mean ‘doing a nice thing’, not anything culty or weird).
You see, design is our first love and we can confidently say that we’re really REALLY good at it, but great design has to work hard. We do that by building harmonious, happy relationships with experts in every necessary field, so that we can give our clients beautiful work that is also nailing their needs. At the same time, every unique challenge means our people learn more every day, from people who have vast experience.
We’re creating a place for everyone, where we can all learn something new – and ultimately “suck less” at the things we don’t know about – because even though it’s great to know your onions, wouldn’t the world be a boring place if that’s all there was?