Ourselves since ‘92

by Charlie Butterfield at September 28, 2017


For some people, 1992 was a year they’d rather forget. It was the Queen’s “annus horribilis”, a year of David Mellor in a Chelsea strip, Black Wednesday and the ludicrous ‘Cones Hotline’. You’d never have thought in a thousand years that it might have been the perfect time to plant an fst-shaped seed.
Twenty-five years on, we can see how the good has outweighed the bad. We’re technically a Millennial, which makes us creative, social, thoughtful, digital natives, who like to work quickly and collaboratively. And these are all reasons why our clients choose us. But how have our roots and experiences created today’s fst? I think we can be excused for taking some time to be ever so slightly nostalgic and look back over our quarter of a Century to examine the values that helped us arrive here…



We are BRAVE
Any entrepreneur will tell you, there’s no easy route to success and we’ve never really been into doing things the easy way. We’ve had to take risks to get to where we are and, ultimately, it means we’ve had to be brave. This bravery is something we’re really proud of and it’s an essential element of who we are and what we do for our clients.
“Being independent means being brave is a given. It’s scary, but it’s also fantastic, because it means we can make decisions quickly and there are no excuses.” –  Otto Marples, Chief Operating Officer



In the beginning, like many other start-ups, we were a one-man business. Super Mark, our founder, was working on his own and anyone who has ever started a business knows how much belief and incredible hard work that takes – especially in a year like 1992. Mark was prepared to do whatever it takes to make fst a success and this is the lead we all follow. You could say it’s ingrained in our DNA.
“I think one of the attributes that our clients value the most is our willingness to do whatever it takes to get things done. It’s one of the reasons we’re able to form lasting client relationships.” – Craig Watson, Chief Strategy Officer



They say sometimes that dogs come to look like their owners. In a similar way, fst bears more than a passing resemblance to its founder, Mark Howard. Innovative, visionary and a little eccentric, Super Mark is a true original. Having set us out in the spirit of entrepreneurship, we haven’t strayed off that path in 25 years.
“We’ve always understood that our business is all about fit. Are we a good fit for that client? Are they a good fit for us? Does that new employee share our ethos? That’s why it’s so important that we’re always ourselves.” –  Mark Howard, Chief Ethos Officer