Perkys Coffee House

by Charlie Butterfield at June 22, 2017


Being in business for 25 years is a pretty long time by anyone’s standards and this year, we’re celebrating a quarter of a century as an integrated creative agency.
There are a lot of agencies out there with history and pedigree, but few have the independence that we hold so dear.
Our Chief Ethos Officer, Mark Howard, formed fst practically overnight for one special client. Today he, Craig Watson and Otto Marples continue to grow this exciting creative hotbed with the freedom that independence provides.
What we’re getting at is that we understand what it means to be an indie, and quite frankly, we love it.
Being independent means that we aren’t constrained on who we work with. We know what its like to start out, so now and again we team up with local independent businesses, offering our 25 years of global branding and identity experience.
We recently helped Perkys – an absolutely brilliant ethical coffee shop – to develop their identity. Having worked on the branding of many other indie businesses (including our own), we were able to create a strong, considerate business identity that will stand the test of time.




Perkys Coffee House is an independent business in Wooburn Green, just outside High Wycombe. Run by locals, Levi and Lucy, and inspired by their property ‘Perkys Cottage’, they created a ‘home away from home’, where people can lose themselves in a book, work away from their desks or simply catch up with friends.
The couple are passionate about shopping local, so they source all of their ingredients from nearby businesses, such as their local butcher, greengrocer and bakery. Levi and Lucy also worked with local gourmet coffee experts, Pronto Coffee, to develop a unique blend, exclusive to Perkys. PERK UP is a medium roast from Costa Rica and is certified by The Rainforest Alliance.
The shop itself brings the beauty of the outdoors inside, combining the warmth and rawness of wood for the walls and tables, with an industrial theme for shelving, window seats, chairs and lighting.
To develop a visual identity for Perkys, we focused on its rustic, home-grown character and used a simple monochrome palette to contrast with the shop’s industrialised features and furniture.
We then created a bespoke, minimalistic typeface to be used across multiple mediums, like window decals, menus and personalised coffee mugs. Our aim was to reflect the modern-industrial theme, whilst making sure it could be used as a stencil for stamping on various materials.
To finish off the brand, we created a minimalistic logo that gives a sleek, professional feel, without taking anything away from Perkys’ raw, rustic essence.

Getting to collaborate with great local businesses like Perkys, is exactly why we value our independence so greatly. We wish them continued success and look forward to dropping in for a hot cup of PERK UP!