This is fst Miami

by Alex Cleveland at August 23, 2016

So after many visits and a great deal of hard work, it is with much pride and excitement that we can say we’ve opened an office in Miami! We’ve been working with clients based in the area for a number of years, so this step marks a real commitment from fst to support our clients in the most effective way possible – technology is great but there’s no substitute for a presence on the ground and a face-to-face conversation.

This move is as much about fst itself as it is about our clients however. In order to grow, reach our goals and achieve the vision of the business, we need to take proactive steps to seek out and act on new opportunities. It’s also an investment in our amazing people, who have additional opportunities to travel, learn new skills, understand different markets and develop into even MORE amazing people.


fst Miami


The office itself is in an area of South Beach known as “SoFi”, or south of fifth. As you might guess, it describes the area south of Fifth Street reaching down to South Pointe Park, which is the southernmost end of Miami Beach. It’s what can be described as “an up and coming area”, in that some years ago it was certainly less desirable than it is now. Today, it has a more relaxed atmosphere than the more tourist-infested areas of South Beach and has the major advantage of being right on the end of the Causeway that takes you over the Bay and Downtown.

So we’re up and running! For me personally it’s an amazing opportunity to have a new experience pretty much every day; this is a challenging and exciting stage of my career. It’s also great to be back in a city that has come to mean a great deal to me over the past couple of years.

So if you’re in the South Florida area and you want to discuss a project face-to-face, you know where we are! Equally if you’d like to know more about how we work with clients all around the world from our offices in the UK, Singapore and now the U.S., please feel free to drop us a line!