Elevator talk at Yotel Singapore

by Julie Cutting at February 21, 2018

What would happen if R2D2 got a gig as a luxury hotel attendant?


It may sound crazy, but if you head to Singapore’s Orchard Road shopping district you’ll find the answer at the new YOTEL Singapore.


Last month, I was lucky enough to be shown around this unique hotel experience by Shushanta Guha, YOTEL’s Digital Marketing Manager. As one of our clients, I was already aware that YOTEL did things a little differently, but this latest branch was even more fascinating than I was expecting – and I couldn’t wait to share the experience.


Only four months old, YOTEL Singapore is alternative, futuristic, innovative, dynamic and fun – a truly individual establishment that surprised me in every way and gave every sense a treat:


The Sights – Mission Control.

Entering the reception, I saw what appeared to be two purple Star Wars droids. I was quickly told that these were actually guest service robots, capable of popping up to your room with fresh water and towels. Each robot has it’s own unique voice and personality and is clever enough to navigate around the hotel autonomously. They even call your cabin when they arrive at the door!


 The Sounds – Lift music like no other.

Stepping into the lift, I couldn’t help but question the ear-catching music. It turns out that YOTEL proudly employ a dedicated Music Stylist. Seriously – someone is actually paid to develop, source and design the “Purple Playlist” which ensures all music throughout the hotel is on brand. What a cool job!


The Smells – Like Teen Spirit!

Just to clarify, it doesn’t smell like American hair spray from the early 90s. But as you walk through the building, it’s clear that YOTEL is a brand refusing to conform to traditional styles of accommodation. Much like Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, YOTEL Singapore is sure to be a huge hit that resonates with a generation.


The Tastes – Exclusive craft beer.

YOTEL Singapore offers its very own brew of craft beer, only available at ‘Grains & Hops’, their restaurant and bar. The perfect compliment to their menu of one-dish rice bowls.


The Touch – Beds with brains

Each room has a super-comfy adjustable SmartBed with a Serta mattress. This is just one of the many niceties you can expect when staying at YOTEL Singapore. For example, every room has a Technowall with smart TVs and easy connectivity. They also offer rain showers and shampoo, conditioner, body wash and creams from the fashionable Urban Skincare Co.


I know what you’re thinking – no, I didn’t accidently walk onto the set of a James Cameron movie. If you’re ever in the city and looking for a place to stay, eat, drink and have fun, be sure to pay them a visit. You’ll enjoy a revolutionary hotel experience that’s almost too futuristic to miss.


Book online at: https://www.yotel.com/en/booking/availability?hotel=SIN