In 2011 we completed the initial rebrand of Nine Telecom. Since then the brand has almost doubled its turnover, reaching £50m. Because of this growth and new technologies, they needed to re-position the business in order to more clearly communicate their services.


An expansion of their portfolio, outside of Telecoms and into IT and other office-based services, meant a re-evaluation of the overall brand structure was required to facilitate future growth. This new structure needed to leverage existing brand equity, while retaining enough flexibility to accommodate current and future product offerings.


We conceived “Free to Perform” – a promise to customers and an internal mantra, with the purpose of communicating that Nine employees do their job so “you’re free to do yours”. The revised brand architecture led to the removal of sector segmentation. So rather than Nine, Nine Telecom and Nine Wholesale, the entire brand simply became ‘9’. With this, 9 needed a consistent brand style to encompass all routes to market. High impact sports imagery was selected as the visual metaphor – athletes needing a supporting team, freeing them to simply perform – and conveys a powerful overall message.