We teamed up with IPG Mediabrands and Singapore tech company, Plano, to raise awareness of the Myopia epidemic in Singapore. Also known as short-sightedness, this condition causes distant objects to appear blurred and has been linked to the unhealthy use of mobile devices. We were asked to develop a cross-platform creative campaign that would raise awareness and drive change.


Building on the shocking statistics from Plano’s research, we defined our target audience as parents – due to the high levels of extensive device use in Singaporean children. With this in mind, we developed “See Past the Screen” – a concept which embodied the idea of limited sight, as well as the need for behavioural change.This message was brought to life through the use of striking imagery – exaggerating the impact of device use on the physical well-being of children. We devised a campaign strategy to work across multiple channels, including OOH, print, digital, TV, radio and social media – harnessing the power of Instagram, to drive further awareness with a campaign hashtag.


The campaign was run for eight weeks in total and was featured in international articles by Campaign and The Drum.Alongside this, we also received performance statistics from IPG – which showed not only a significant increase in awareness of Myopia but also increased intent to take action.