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With the world becoming an ever more saturated place, it’s now even more important that we focus on forging lasting emotional connections with customers. 

In the B2B world, it is easy to forget we are still communicating with humans. Emotional connections help you stand out, they communicate why you’re different and actively contribute towards building brand loyalty, keeping customers coming back time and time again.


Workshops designed to understand your target personas, how you deliver value to their lives and their journey through to engagement.


Independent research powered by global networks to better understand what your customers need from the brands they engage with, now and in the future.


Actionable insights that set the strategic foundations for building long-lasting relationships with customers.


Strategic brand and campaign frameworks, defined by the innate behaviour of your customers to forge authentic, meaningful connections.


Unique, meaningful design that tells your story to the world.

Tried. Travelled. Trusted.

The idea of Silver Travel Advisor was born in 2009 in the wake of a direct, personal need on behalf of the founders to make the most of their retirement years – utilising their new-found time and money to explore the world and have experiences of a lifetime, multiple times a year.

The brand of Silver Travel Advisor was evolved specifically to engage this over 50s demographic, combatting the impression competitors, such as Saga, curate by championing peer to peer recommendations.

Silver Travel Advisor
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Now, over a decade later, the Silver Travel Advisor positioning and brand needed to evolve in order to align with the needs of the modern-day 50+ segment – meeting new digital expectations with the flexibility to communicate across new channels.

Working alongside the Silver Travel Advisor team across a series of workshops and collaborative feedback sessions we were able to paint a clear picture of this audience and the challenges they face, inspiring the creation of a succinct brand descriptor to drive the development of the brand itself:

From this, we were then able to formulate the refreshed creative positioning for Silver Travel Advisor – ‘Tried. Travelled. Trusted.’

This concept tapped into the single brand truth identified throughout our strategic process – that each travel experience delivered by Silver Travel Advisor has been informed by a hub of experiences from past consumers, giving each trip a level of authority, trust and community.

From a visual standpoint, it gave us the ability to highlight the experiences and lasting memories that the community advice has made possible – while also allowing us to develop flexible, engaging brand assets that can easily be applied to photography, testimonials, adverts and magazines.

Bringing this evolution into the real world centred around the development of the Silver Travel Advisor website – the home and heart of the community itself.

We did exactly as advised ‘trusted the process’ and with superb end results. The handholding through said process by the FST team made a perceived overwhelming project not only enjoyable but thought provoking too. We loved our catch up sessions as excitement built within the Silver Travel Advisor team in the run up as we couldn’t wait to see the output from our workshops. The speed at which the FST team got under the skin of our business and what we wanted was first class. The feedback since our rebrand has been overwhelmingly positive, thank you!

Lisa McAuley, Managing Director

Throughout this we needed to be sympathetic to the existing hub of information, ensuring that no goodness or knowledge was lost in the migration – while also creating a seamless, clear journey for the users themselves.