Race For The Planet 


Extreme E was created as a platform for change, not only for the automotive industry – but our planet. Veloce Racing was born directly out of the creation of this championship, leveraging a passion for racing, competition and cutting-edge technology in order to join the mission of eliminating the environmental and social issues that plague our world. Veloce Racing were in the final stages of conversations with two possible sponsors for the Extreme E 2021 championship. We were asked to collaborate with the team in order design partnership proposals, helping to give these partners the final push they needed to sign on the dotted line.



To achieve this objective, we dug deeper into the alignments between Veloce and the two partners – striving to understand the true power, and potential, of the relationships. Through a heavy amount of proactive research, we were able to unearth compelling ‘reasons why’ for both partners – using this knowledge to create a joint proposition and corresponding creative application for each partnership proposal.


BORN TO LEAD. – Aimed at an automotive company whose legacy is based in revolutionising the industry as we know it today. ‘Born to lead’ was designed to work almost as a reminder to the partner, giving them an opportunity to reinvigorate the idea of innovation, push forward and be the loudest voice in a more sustainable future. The beauty of this line is that while it linked to the distant origins of the partner, it also embodied the very current origins of Veloce – a brand born in direct response to Extreme E.

DRIVE. CHANGE. – Aimed at an energy company, this proposition was designed to work at multiple levels of behalf of both businesses – demonstrating their commitment to encouraging real, global change. We wanted this proposal to work as a motivational call to arms, using an active tone to inspire not only new ways of working, but new ways of thinking.