wamo came to us with an idea and vision – to change the way people all over the world interact with their money, giving them the financial freedom to live their life – their way. As an initial goal, wamo was looking to launch as a digital banking app in Malta, where the current offering is struggling to keep pace with digital transformation, before then expanding out to achieve the ambitious target of becoming the leading digital banking app in Europe.


To gain a better understanding of the wamo offering and ambitions we hosted a workshop with the wamo team – setting the foundation of a more collaborative partnership where we’re able to operate as one united front. From this workshop we uncovered that wamo’s leading USP is its ability to streamline and consolidate all payment-based accounts – giving the user, both consumers and businesses, the ability to access real-time updates, set budgets and manage transactions, from one intuitive platform


Although wamo was initially focused on the Maltese market, we needed to approach the branding from an overarching, global perspective – this led to the creation of a robust, yet functional value proposition statement that drove and inspired our approach:

“Designed with you in mind, wamo unifies and organises all your financial and accounting processes into one digital platform.
It’s your money, your way.”

From this we developed a playful, yet intuitive and universal visual look and feel for the brand – brought to life with a vibrant, flexible colour palette, illustrations and super graphic. The ‘wamo shapes’ were developed to embody the brands capabilities and functionalities in a more abstract way, allowing them to exist within every communication without crowding the message.