Cultivating a brand that brings people together, encouraging them to explore the edge of their thinking and craft the future of fun.


How do you help a global organisation uncover a genuine brand purpose and amplify it through the brand and take it to the world? We helped breathe life into the brand's stories and allowed people to create connections through a shared vision, helping form emotional bonds with others in a way that the digital age couldn’t ever hope to replicate.



In 2018 our team flew out to Vancouver for a workshop with the WhiteWater Senior Management Team. We went through our bespoke brand audit that allows us to better understand the current state of the brand ¬– identifying where work needed to be done in order to develop a strategy that would fully convey the length and breadth of the WhiteWater offering. During this workshop we worked collaboratively with the internal team and external stake holders to evaluate their position within the industry, the brand benefits and the state of competitors. The general feedback from this process was that work needed to be done around the communication of WhiteWater’s purpose – showing rather than telling the world the value the brand adds, leading to the creation of a their purpose statement – “Creating places where fun thrives”.


Our brand purpose went on to inspire the visual identity of the brand. This used simplified versions of the natural shapes and architectural designs created by the attractions themselves. We chose to approach the visual identity in this way in order to draw everything WhiteWater says and does back to the products, demonstrating how the end result of delighted guests is created by WhiteWater expertise.

With the brand purpose and visual identity in place, our attention turned to getting the message out to the world. We created a brand new website to showcase the brand in the best possible light and a campaign concept that continues to go from strength to strength in “Be Boundless”. This concept communicates WhiteWater’s attitude to everything they do. There is no dream that they can’t build, and there are no limits to the fun experiences they create all over the world. The brand wants to spread the “Be Boundless” mindset across the industry and beyond, so following a series of press ads, we created a unique stand experience at the industry’s biggest trade show, IAAPA.