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fst is a creative B2B marketing studio that exists to help brands capitalise on the unrivalled effectiveness that creativity can deliver. We are powered by a team of global talent across design, copywriting, strategy and project management; supported by a senior team who bring a breadth of experience and are passionate about making work that works. This is about growing businesses, not portfolios.

Alex Cleveland
  • Alex Cleveland

    GM Americas & Partner


    Alex is in his second spell as General Manager in Miami. With more than 15 years of agency experience, primarily spent co-creating the work as a copywriter, he has learned over time how to balance the demands of clients, colleagues and the creative output with the commercial realities of running an agency.

Andrew Brennan
  • Andrew Brennan

    Global Project Director & Partner


    Andrew puts the right people in the right places to excel, providing the best service to maximise creativity in B2B marketing. His approach to projects, no matter the size, is to create an environment where the work can be its very best, whilst delivering a great customer experience for our clients.

Charlie Butterfield
  • Charlie Butterfield

    Creative Director & Partner


    An award winning Creative Director with extensive hands-on experience of working with the world's biggest brands. He sees every brand touchpoint as an opportunity to apply creative, critical thinking to build unexpected, memorable and effective campaigns and brands.

Hannah McCracken
  • Hannah McCracken

    Global Client Services Director


    ‘Get noticed, be remembered’ has been Hannah’s maxim for every brand she’s worked with, from B2C (principally Mars) in her early career to the complex world of B2B she now revels in. Passionate about building client partnerships where great work flourishes, she’s committed to gender equality in our industry and is a proud WACL member.

Danica Burke
  • Danica Burke



    Drawing on her background as a multidisciplinary designer working in the world of brand, marketing and insights, Danica dedicates her days to cultivating a culture of creativity and excellence, supports her teams and her clients in taking a human-centered approach to complex challenges and building long term relationships with their clients and customers and colleagues.

Daniel Diaz
  • Daniel Diaz

    Chief Operating Officer


    Experienced COO with a financial prowess honed at Wall Street's Deutsche Bank and Apple. Former Global Controller at a WPG Agency, adept at steering financial strategies. Recognized as a variable wizard, excelling in adapting to diverse challenges. Proven track record of optimizing operational efficiency and fostering success in dynamic corporate environments.

Juan Sanchez
  • Juan Sanchez

    Global Client Success Director


    Juan draws upon his 20+ years in agency strategy work and complex B2B to help clients get their best starts, connecting their business to the craft and delivering distinctive work that hits the mark. His ‘it’s the thinking, not the things’ approach helps keep client/agency teams on track, growing and generating value.

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