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Visa is an industry leader in creating better and safer shopping experiences worldwide. ‘eCommerce Insurance benefits’ is a product that was launched to do just that, specifically for online commerce.

When bringing this product to market in APAC territories, a launch campaign was required to educate issuing partners and help them to disseminate the product benefits to cardholders. For ease of adaption to multiple markets, we needed a script that clearly communicated the benefits whilst keeping things simple, relatable and engaging for online shoppers. Essentially, we needed to create an ‘infomercial' that didn’t feel like an infomercial.

The story plays to the ups and downs of online shopping experiences – contrasting the sense of ease you feel when everything goes right, with that well-known sinking feeling when things go wrong. This emotive angle helped to reinforce the value of eCommerce Insurance Benefits for online shoppers, while in tandem driving appeal for issuers to protect customer experiences.

Humorous, playful editing and considered animation all played a role in building a light-hearted and customer-centric account of the product benefits, maximising the campaign’s appeal and memorability.

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The video inspired a range of white-label promotional assets, helping issuer adoption and further driving awareness across the region. The full campaign was eventually localised for Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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