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This is a story about taking note of what’s going on beyond the world of marketing to create a campaign that exists in a specific moment in time. 

When Resideo came to us they were doing what they’d always done…making a fantastic range of energy efficient heating control products.   So far, so normal.  The thing was, we met in 2022 in the middle of the biggest energy crisis in fifty years.  So, how did we create a campaign for a new generation of Resideo installers that was sticky, impactful and above all, alert to what was happening in the wider world?

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It all begins with context.  Even taking the UK Government’s Energy Price Guarantee into account, our campaign would be running when the price of gas had more than doubled since the previous winter.  On the surface, installers’ jobs may not have altered, but the energy crisis meant even the tiniest changes to heating efficiency could make a big difference.  

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Our creative idea was a call to arms, a rallying cry to shine a light on this previously unsung group of heroes – the installers themselves. Our superhero creative introduced an epic quality to the role they played in the winter of 2022 with a subtle lightness of touch hiding in the playful shadows. 

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We always knew the creative idea was a universal one and, given the energy crisis was far-reaching, we soon saw other Resideo markets beyond the UK adapt and roll out the campaign including Spain, Poland and Belgium


The campaign was an opportunity to show how Resideo’s range of heating control products can deliver a number of price savings.  An idea that began as a physical card game to be played by installers when visiting distributors was developed into an interactive digital game.

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Central to the campaign was a film telling the story of one installer’s day in a monumental way.  To bring an added layer of authenticity, rather than using a professional voiceover artist, we worked with a real installer, collaborating with him to create a voice over that was personal and honest.

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We believe great campaigns don’t just tell people what you do or make or sell; they make people feel something.  At its heart, ‘Cometh The Hour’ recognised how vital installers were at a particular moment in time, creating a highly emotive campaign and building strong brand memorability for Resideo in the process.

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