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In conjunction with a visual brand refresh, RBC had undertaken research demonstrating that public perception didn’t accurately match today’s brand. fst created concepts to reposition the brand across the Caribbean, whilst leveraging the new look and feel.

To demonstrate that RBC is genuinely committed to listening to customers and has a unique understanding of them after more than 100 years in the region, we created the “Bank for all of you” campaign. The nuance in the idea is that RBC understands that every individual is made up of a great many different personas, roles, likes, dislikes, needs and requirements. As such, we all need a bank that can deliver what we need, when that moment in our life demands it.

Storyboard Visuals

The first TVC of the campaign follows the story of one RBC customer and the many different “roles” that person has to play. In so doing, it positions the brand as the “bank for all of you”, but also hints to the ways in which your bank can help support you in key moments of your life; whether that’s arranging a mortgage or purchasing a new car.

‘A bank for all of you’ provides a clear delivery of the updated brand values. The overlay collage style of unique human moments, and bright Caribbean colours created a customer-centric campaign that maximises appeal to the average RBC customer and demonstrates the bank’s understanding. 

Billboard Mockup

To further promote these newly adopted values, the campaign was developed into social assets, driving awareness across the targeted regions.

Social Placeholder
Advert Visual
Facebook Ads

As Carnival season approached, it felt like the right moment to further demonstrate RBC’s unique understanding of the region, its people and its culture. We created bespoke “Carnival for all of you” OOO assets in Trinidad, alongside tshirts for staff and a sponsored steel pan band.

Tshirt Mockup

Our phase 2 TVC adds another layer to the “bank for all of you” story. In our first ad, the character’s roles change with the set remaining the same. Here we demonstrate all the differing moments and phases in our life by changing the setting, and creating a 360 degree camera effect around our central character.

Storyboard Visuals CS2

The focus is always on the customer, but the world and circumstances around her are always changing - something RBC understands and can support you through. Both TVCs were shot entirely in the Caribbean, with Caribbean production and talent. 

To properly separate RBC in the Caribbean from the master Canadian brand, fst created the brand expression “Life happens here” to sit alongside “Ideas happen here” which is used in Canada.

Billboard Mockup CS2

This reflects the connection between the two brands, but also celebrates that what people want from their bank differs in the two regions.

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